Reducing harm caused by alcohol



When you see a whole class enthralled in the story of Rory you begin to understand the importance of this resource. It touches on experiences in the lives of many children, often experiences we would hope they might never have, but nonetheless, we must attend to. We know that our classrooms should be places where children feel protected and supported and each and every teacher has a role to play in supporting children who face challenges at home; when we understand and address those challenges we facilitate better learning. Of course Rory works in the classroom because teachers are confident using it, and they are confident because the training provided is focused, supportive and delivered with care and attention to detail. The package, with its key elements of training, the story, activities and of course the character Rory himself, offers enough guidance and support while still allowing each teacher to make their lessons relevant and interesting for their children. The Rory package recognises that this is not a comfortable area to work within, but it is crucial. Every child in every classroom needs to know that if problematic alcohol use is part of their family life, it is not their fault, and they and their parent or carer can share and be supported.

Dr Colin Morrison TASC (Scotland)