Reducing harm caused by alcohol

Help and support

If you are worried about someone in your life’s drinking or someone you know is having a problem with alcohol there are places that you can get information, help and support.

Here are some links to sources of information, help and support.


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Alcohol Focus Scotland    Tel: 0141 572 6700  Email:

Drink Smarter                  Tel: 0800 7 314 314

NHS Inform                      Tel: 0800 22 44 88

Help and Support

Drinkline                             Tel: 0800 7 314 314

Scottish Families affected by Alcohol & Drugs   Tel: 08080 10 10 11

Parentline Scotland    Tel: 0800 028 2233 E:

Relationships Scotland  Tel: 0845 119 2020  E:

One Parent Families Scotland  Tel:0800 801 0323   E:

Our Useful links page provides more links to local and national services.


Worried about a child?

Visit With Scotland website for advice and information on where to get advice and help.

Call NSPCC on 0808 800 5000, or visit NSPCC website for advice and information