Reducing harm caused by alcohol

Why Rory?

In the course of their education, your child may be introduced to Rory. The resource has been developed to allow teachers to fully utilise Rory in different areas of the curriculum including health and wellbeing, literacy, and expressive arts.Rory provides a safe way to explore alcohol and the impact it can have on individuals, families and the wider community.

Research shows alcohol does not just affect the individual drinker; but also impacts on other people and the wider society. Alcohol is now much more affordable and available than it used to be. Studies also show that more people are drinking at home than ever before. Both these factors increase the likelihood that children are regularly exposed to adults drinking alcohol and therefore may be more likely to be exposed to the negative impacts that this can have.

Children who are affected by an adult’s drinking can experience a range of harm. They may feel alone, confused, scared, ashamed or guilty about what is happening and often suffer in silence. Some children will experience neglect, violence and chaotic home lives as a result of harmful parental drinking. The harm caused to children by an adult’s drinking can be hidden which often means that children affected can go unnoticed and not receive the help and support they need.

Rory is a safe way of raising this topic in a general setting such as a school. In using Rory we aim to reduce the stigma and secrecy that children may feel as a result of an adult’s drinking and encourage them to seek help. It can also help raise awareness of the harm that can be caused by alcohol and help children gain a sense of understanding and empathy for others who may be affected.

For more information download the ‘Parents Leaflet’ here.